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I am not a patient person so the whole concept of waiting is not something I am fond of but it is a life requirement if you are trying to achieve anything worth living for.

The world tries to sell us a formula that isn't natural; Fast food,fast fashion, quickies selfies, easy life ,easy money....everything seems to be selling the idea that investing time or effort is no longer a requirement for success but nothing could be further from the truth. Now I am all for taking advantage of technology or modern trends to  aid a better and even faster result but nothing can replace hard work and tenacity in life. I am of the old school unfortunately and I know that doesn't sound fashionable but no matter how trendy or new age we get you have to work and pay your dues in any industry to make a respectable living from it. So the real question you need to answer is "how much of your life are you willing to pay to see your dream become reality" that is what it is going to cost you ,LIFE and probably a lot of it.

However this post is not really on hard work ....I want talk about hard works "big cousins" tenacity,persistence,determination all of which are synonyms to the phrase "to wait expectantly". What do you do when you have done all you can? You WAIT!  What do you do when you have spent your savings on your dream business and the applause have stopped? You WAIT ! Now you are married and relocated and looking for a job......you WAIT! Trying to have a baby? You WAIT! There is no alternative to waiting,and there is nothing cool or sexy about it. It requires three things time,vision and a sound mind! The place of waiting could be a lonely space but here is the good news! If you embrace waiting for all it is it could be one of the best times in your life...a time to grow and mature, an amazing season of self discovery ,a time for clarity and a time to reflect. While "waiting" many have discovered purpose and become more grounded.Waiting humbles you and allows you to consider what is most important in your life. Waiting challenges you to focus your determination on your priorities. Waiting empowers you to give your all when action is required! So breath....it's may be your most challenging race yet ,on your mark,get set, WAIT!!!


So we hear  this everyday. Find your passion, do what you are passionate about. Follow your passion, turn your passion into your business. With all our fuss about passion we sometimes forget the most basic passion issue......know your passion. So that is the question. What am I passionate about? do I necessarily have to commercialize my passion? It seems fairly basic but I will try to articulate how you can identify your passion and hopefully sparks will fly.

What angers you?: you don't know what you are passionate about but every time you attend a wedding reception you are more critical about the way the hall decoration  compliment the table linen, or are infuriated about the lack of etiquette in young ladies, do you read a book intrigued more about the writing style of the author than the actual story......your passion and your anger are linked. Find what gets your blood boiling and you might just have hit passion gold.

What you do effortlessly: linking something you do effortlessly to passion feels contradictory. Our idea of passion is a strong powerful feeling that inspires great achievements. So what if you can cook a three course meal with yesterday's leftovers,its no big deal, or somehow you can assemble or fix a gadget without referencing a manual, you make friends easily without trying too hard......you have a gift and if you begin to nurture it, therein lies your passion.

What makes you happy?  Follow your happiness and it will lead you to your passion. Do you just love a great conversation? Well so does Opra! 
Do you love food? So does Jamie Oliver, Do you enjoy socializing? So does Funke Buknor Obruthe. While I agree that not all passions need to be commercialized I believe they all need to be activated constantly. The more you can indulge in those (positive) activities that make you happy,the more passionate  you will be about life.

What are you doing for free?: One thing I know for sure is that we are all working in our gifts or passion to one degree or another. Some people are living their dreams by doing what they love and making a comfortable living out of it,while others are using their gift on a day to day basis without acknowledging it. The truth is if you love to sing,have a gift for singing,you must sing . You have to channel your gift somehow it is human nature,you can't fight it. So you are singing in your bathroom to yourself, in front of your mirror to your kids, in the church choir to the congregation, with the office volunteer group for the annual Christmas party or in the recording studio for the world! Take a pause from your daily grind and identify what you already do for free and you will identify your gifts and passion.

Finally, take the pressure out of passion finding. When you let yourself truly live life without unreasonable targets and goals. You will discover that being who you are,your authentic undiluted self is what passion is really about.

Tomi Rotimi.


You wake up in the morning tired.....you go through the day not really present and retire to bed exhausted. You often catch yourself complaining about everything from traffic to the economy,your job,men the weather ,the government .... In fact if it exists chances are you've complained about it ! Then the unthinkable happens, you loose your job, your husband leaves,the children grow up, the universe rattles your cage and you were not prepared.....it's time for CHANGE!   

Change the mysterious C word we never like to hear!  The big C never comes alone...it's a package deal, it comes with fear,doubt,uncertainty and almost always risk! It's a tunnel to the proverbial light,the light being promotion,expansion,prosperity,joy and fulfillment . 

I still don't know who sold us the idea that our next level would come easy, no one hopscotches to the promised land, dancing,smiling ,self assured and confident with an army of cheerleaders.  No you go humbled, uncertain, fighting off the naysayers, possibly wearing a brave smile to mask your anxiety.

When you are done complaining about your present recognize when the opportunity for change presents itself, and don't confuse your hesitation or confusion as a sign to stay in your comfort zone or worst still a sign of Gods disapproval (it's almost always neither).

Now what do you do next time you catch yourself complaining? Shut up,save your strength you'll need it when change comes calling.

Tomi Rotimi


If I had a penny for everytime someone asked me " How can I turn this into a business?'' I would have made a small fortune. Everywhere I go I see people desperate to make a living out of a hobby or skill they have but very few actually  do it.I am fotunate to be  one of a few who have managed to turn "what they love" to what they do" and I have learnt a few lessons in my ten year journey and even more intriguing are the excuses people give for not stepping out.I will share some of the most common excuses I have heard and some of my responses to them:

1.Everybody is doing it now------ Yeah everybody but you.There is always room even in a ''saturated market" for excellent products or services.

2. I am waiting for the right time-----Timing is everything but then dont expect the right time to be a convenient time,the latter doesnt exist.

3.When God says I should go He will make it happen-----God gives grace and opportunity...you make it happen.

4. I can't afford to do it the way I want---Dont let your big dreams intimidate you.Dream big, start small its cheaper.

5.I am too old now----You'll only get older.There is a lot to be said for the wisdom that comes with age.

6.I am too young---- Young is never a bad thing.Use your early headstart to learn more about your craft.

7.I have too many talents,I can'choose which to do---usually one gift is easier to commersialise faster than the others.Use this as a spring board and it could act as a platform to engage your other gifts.

8.I have too many ideas----- Ideas are cheap...do something!

9.The economy is bad----- For who? As long as money is still changing hands in the market .opportunities still abound.

10. I cant do business------ If I can,you can.

11. My family needs the steady income----- Show me a family that doesnt.God is their source not your job. Plan an exit strategy but don't blame your family for your fears.

12 tried it before and failed------ Great now you know ''what not to do"

13. My spouse is not supportive------ Every spouse supports success and passion is contagious! Pray about it and prove to him/her that this is not just another waste of time.

Above all I have come to find out that no amount of preperation,book reading,maturity or even  attempts can eliminate the fear that comes with taking a leap of faith....feel the fear but do it anyway,I DID!

Tomi Rotimi.


It didn't take me very long to realize what my biggest weakness was! Early in life, I was the child that sat at the back of the class and cowered behind the "smart kids" , I was the one that never raised up her hand to answer a question 'cos God forbid I choked on my own words, I remembered being paralyzed with fear at the thought of loosing my parents at the age of 12 and quite literarily sobbed for hours on end,unable to move a step. I had chronic fear until one day I faced it! What happened in my life that helped me transition from a Lilly livered youngster to a high achieving adult?

1.I took Baby steps: You are a summation of the little things you do everyday. Being bold in the little things prepares you for the bigger challenges you will face. So go ahead step on the dance floor with the host when the floor is opened, Go to the gym in your orange sports wear, put on your high heels even though you tower over your girlfriends .........do something that makes you cringe and feed your power.

2. I Say NO without explanation : This is a big one. Being a people pleaser is a huge symptom of cowardice (yes I said it). I love people and I always have. I enjoy pleasing  people,making them smile and making them like me. This huge step happened later in life.....possibly in my late teens. I discovered that NO was a full sentence. No explanation needed(within reason of course) . This step opens your personality to a side that is most important in your journey to self actualization...... Self appreciation. I wasn't liked as much after I learnt to say no, I was called selfish, cold and even rude. But something powerful had happened to me....I discovered I was cool. I was the president of my own fan club and possibly the only member. But it was fine........and till date nobody's opinion matters once I find peace with my decision . You must love and value your time,your life and yourself enough to SAY NO when it matters.

3. Being Nice: No this is not a contradiction and its harder for the coward to be simply nice out of fear of being taken for granted or undervalued. Being nice is powerful and costs nothing ! You may be taken for granted but only when you allow it. Don't be afraid to do something good for someone who can't pay you back, but don't be naive to ignore the opportunity to score points with people that matter........you need wisdom and courage either way.

4.Just do it! : Procrastination is something we all deal with it and I doubt anyone ever outgrows it. At the root of procrastination is the fear of commitment. I am a bit of an extremist in my war against procrastination! I choose to ere on the side of doing it too soon than not doing it at all (both extremes and both unwise) . Procrastination feeds my fear. As a creative with the gift of wild imaginations, nothing is ever as bad as I imagine so I choose to do it sooner rather than later. I suggest you do what you can when you can . Action is the principal thing. 

Tomi rotimi.


Shop to you is created to make shopping easier for our customers who are busy and do not have time to get to the shop. To make buying convenient and easier we bring selected designs to your homes and offices.


Quest: How do I get this service?

Ans: Make an appointment with our Shop to you executive on any of the following numbers 08033030291, 014545052, 08178017681

Quest: Do I get a stylist?

Ans: Yes the clothes can be dropped off with you and picked up after 24hrs after you have made your pick. We could also have a stylist accompany the designs.

Quest: How much do i pay for this service?

Ans: The service charge is 5000.This would be paid upfront before making appointment.

Quest: Can they bring the designs to my office?

Ans; Yes but there has to be a place for trying on the designs.

Quest: How many designs can they bring to me?

Ans: The maximum is Six

Quest: Can I pay with cash?

Answer: No payment can be paid by using the POS Machine, and making online transfers. Concession of cheque payment shall only be for well-known customers.

Quest: Can I request for amendment.

Answer: You can make amendment only after the cloths have been paid for.

Quest: Can I make orders.

Answer: Yes you can make orders but you have to pay 100% upfront.

Quest: Can people outside Lagos enjoy this service.

Answer: Yes they can have the designs sent to them after full payments have been made.However exchanges can be made if sizes don’t fit.



If chocolates come in bars,life comes in seasons.Recognizing and embracing each season is what I think is the secret to enjoying life to the fullest. Its easy to loose track and to loose focus.To get overwhelmed,confused and intimidated as you juggle all that life throws at you but that is not the real problem, the real tragedy is  trying to do more (or less) than your season demands. Understanding "what time it is" guides our relationships and where we invest our energies. It allows us to be the version of ourselves we need to be for a season. I am determined to milk my season for all its got and sometimes that means perfecting the fine art of saying "NO",  taking baby steps when my heart wants to take giant strides or leaps of faith when I am crippled with fear.

What is most important about life's season? It's that they are to be ENJOYED!!! No two seasons are the same and like chocolate bars every one is both sweet and dark.

Tomi Rotimi


The story of Moremi the legendary Yoruba queen who exhibited great courage to rescue her people from their enemies came to my consciousness as we began researching for the MAXIMISE collection. Recently, strong black women have become trendy and in high demand as sources of inspiration and possibilities. These beautiful high achievers are fast becoming modern day celebrities in a society thirsty for role models. The down side to this phenomenon is the fine line it creates between inspiration and intimidation. With the social media era at its peak we are constantly bombarded with daily achievements from air brushed images of super women we cannot identify with anymore. Depression and self loathing is at its peak in our society particularly among women struggling to juggle several balls some of which they had no business handling in the first place.

Moremi was a beautiful woman with intelligence, charm and courage. She was relevant long before it was acceptable or admirable to be a strong black woman. But what I love most about her story is that some how I see everywoman in her. I myself have been a victim of the new gospel luring women to overachieving,multitasking,competing and comparing but I am now inspired to be strong enough to pace myself and be myself.

There is a Moremi in all of us. A strong black woman who showed up when she was needed but on her own terms. A spiritual woman in touch with who she is with the courage to be her authentic self. There is a Moremi in all of us not afraid to shine but not blinding another with her light but illuminating a path for the ones around her. 

There is a Moremi in all of us just different versions and that is fine.

Tomi Rotimi


I often wondered who sold us the myth that owning your own business meant working for yourself? From experience I can say with authority that it is quite the opposite! It comes to new business owners as a rude shock when you realise just how much of yourself you have to commit to your venture and just how many people,customers,clients,staff and even prospects (to name a few) you are accountable to. So today we are going to take on some common assumptions about business and your new reality.getarticlebigpic.php?id=12

Running your own business means you own your time: True but it doesn't matter because if you are truly committed to succeeding you will spend almost every waking hour on one aspect of your business .

You are your own boss: FALSE!!! This is possibly the biggest myth of all! You actually have more bosses than you did as an employee. You have swapped one boss for many. All your customers are your boss,all your prospective customers are your boss and when a key staff leaves your small business during your peak period you realise he or she was your boss too. 

The customer is king: So many articles and debates have been written on this statement but my personal opinion is YES! The customer is king and must be made to feel like king every time they engage your business. The intangible product or service we all sell is what I call "the kingly feeling". The customer will pay more or patronize you more based on how much of a king they feel at your salon,boutique,event etc. Make me feel special and I will keep coming back for that feeling. 

The customer is always right: False! But don't tell them that. Most customers are willing to admit they are unsure of what they want but are certain of what they don't. Every business owner is a consultant in their field or at least should be. The customer is not always right but let the one thing they are right about be choosing you.

A business owner is self employed: False! We all aspire to to be business owners, being self employed means the business owns you and cannot function effectively without you,a business owner owns the business and has successfully empowered other people to run her business while she retains the more strategic roles of directing the business. You want to be a business owner!

Business is convenient : No its not.

When you do what you love you never have to work a day in your life: true but the creative aspect of your business makes up less than 10% of your tasks. The rest of it involves administrative duties that nobody really loves but they must be done. So don't be surprised when you stop enjoying your business because you imagined a fairy tale life of just being creative.

Business is easy: Short answer, FALSE. I actually don't think you should ever say that in public.

Running my own business has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. I will always encourage more people to embrace enterprise but I will not belittle my achievements or that of many other successful business men and women out there making sacrifices that translate to amazing products and services that we can't do without. If you are considering becoming a full time entrepreneur do it and welcome to real life!

Tomi Rotimi


getarticlebigpic.php?id=12Have you ever looked at your work and considered it unimportant? Afterall you are not the president of the united states,you are not re- habilitating destitutes or caring for orphans(All worthy causes by the way), you don't preach on a pulpit or raise money for cancer awareness. You are just doing what you do,baking those cookies, creating beautifull spaces,auditing,caring for your kids and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter.....or so you think. I felt this way for the longest time. Feeling like because I enjoyed my work or because it was not an NGO it wasnt worthy to be classified " good work" or " honourable work" .I tried to squeeze out time from my manic schedule to do some volunteering,running in and out of revolving doors trying desperatly to earn my stripes but never quite content. If you ever feel like that then you are not alone and I hope this helps you silence that inner voice once and for all.

...she walked in to my store like most customers do in a bit of a hurry. She had her to do list with her and under no.7 there I was "pick up 3 dresses for sister at xclamations" she handed over a sheet of paper to our sales manager and it turned out to be three names " Temilola"   "kimono" dress and "sultana"   the lady said "all in size 12 please". We packed all three designs in a bag for her and thanked her for her custom after she paid,she said her thank yous and just as she was about to leave she asked to see me.I couldnt imagin why and hoped she hadnt been offended by my processes or staff. Then she said something to me I will never forget

" Hi Tomi I just wanted to tell you that since I started shopping here two years ago...my life has been a little bit easier.Please never stop doing this"

That was it for me. That was my calling in her life and hopefully in many other lives as well. I still strive to do more and to give back but now I realise that what I do really matters and really makes a difference.

Never under estimate the value of what you do.....it really does matter.

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