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Relationship with every buy.

I spent the day with an old friend on Saturday.....the VI store. I had missed her. You see opening a new store for me is like nurturing a new child. You don't know her and she doesn't know you either. You need to be patient with her, care for her, understand her. Her personality is different but beautiful.There is no way around it,no corners to cut you have to spend hard currency on her and I don't mean money I mean time. 

So for the past two months I had spent most of my time with my new baby and wondering why we simply did not bond like VI and I did, the truth was I hadn't attended her wedding or cried with her when her father died, I hadn't danced with her in the middle of the store when her son gained admission to an Ivy League college or danced again when he graduated, I hadn't lived with her through dress sizes hers and mine, I didn't know her first name and we were not yet on nickname basis, I didn't hold her hand through a bad marriage or tease her butterflies at the beginning of a new one, I had not attended her 40th,50th,60th birthday parties or contributed to her bridal shower. I had not held her hand in prayer, she had not prayed for me...... I did not know her,I had no relationship with this child. In that moment after attending to five amazing people who made me realize why I love what I do, I came to a conclusion that there was one product I had on my shelf for over a decade that was missing in my new store, a product I could never really put a price on but had more value than the clothes we sold. It was this product that made her forgive a crooked stitch, a loose hem or a bad alteration, the product came with every buy and made her maxi dress more beautiful than it really was, it made her kaftans fit a bit better than it should have and nobody else could offer her this product nobody else came close .  

Suddenly I got excited again, this new child and I are going to have a blast. I can't wait to do this all over again. RELATIONSHIP is now on the shelf at our Lekki store, its not for sale but it comes with every buy.  

Tomi Rotimi

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