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The road to weightloss and a healthy lifestyle is never a walk in the park, it is one that requires dedication, self discipline and determination. My weightloss story has been trailed with a lot of thorns but its rewards far outweighs the struggle. I'm going to share a 10 weight loss tips. Not to overburden you with the length of the post, 1 tip will be posted per week. Some will be obvious,things you have heard before and know for sure, some will be philosophical principles connected to a deeper truth and some will be a few tricks I learnt along the way......I'm no expert and I hope you share your insights too. 

Tip 1: Deep truth. I know we hear this all the time and I risk sounding like a broken record but the first step to weight loss is loving the man (or woman) in the mirror. I am such a big fan of Ayotomi. If I wasn't me I would love to be my bestie. It took me a while to get to this point but really this is the foundation to any kind of sustainable success. Love those curves, love who you are today and as you embrace and celebrate this amazing being you begin to want more for her,because she deserves it. You see it took me 8 months to lose 9kg (all this fuss on top 9kg) and in those 8 months I interacted with so many women on the same journey.One thing that horrified me was how much self loathing and body shame women are dealing with. You can't become your Sexier,fitter or firmer self if you don't feel you are deserving. So today, do something for you because you are worth it. This morning I put in a one hour work out because I deserve to be fit.

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