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Tip 2. Trick: We hear this all the time "eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper" You know what? It works. 10 months ago I would have nothing for breakfast and come back home from work famished and consequently binge on everything for dinner. I do things a little differently now. I have a hearty breakfast; this morning I had 2 slices of yam and an omelette and that sustained me all through the day till evening where I had only chicken for dinner. I may snack on an apple if I want and that is fine. The rational is that you burn your breakfast effortlessly through the day and sleep on a light stomach at night. I promise you this works. Please let me know if this works for you.

Tip 3 Fact: The truth is if all you want to achieve is weight loss you don't need to work out, in fact if you are not disciplined you could gain weight with exercise . Today I'm focusing on a more important goal- fitness. Like most people, I have been down this weight loss journey before and I always "attempt" to include a work out regimen to support it but somehow it was never sustainable. Name it and I have probably done it! Joined a gym , Zumba classes, work out videos, personal trainers, exercise machines etc. so this time I was a bit apprehensive. Getting back on the wagon after you have fallen off many times is hard...the question really was why was I falling off the wagon? One word, BOREDOM- you can only stay motivated for so long if you stop enjoying it . So I joined an aerobics group which combines my love for networking with my need to exercise then also included my personal "me time" walks/jogging where I listened to my favourite podcasts and jams. I look forward to both sessions and do them on alternate days to keep things fresh. I promise you, there is a fitness routine fit for everyone; find yours. Do you like to dance, play sports, Pilates, yoga, Zumba, HIT, walking, running? Let your hobby guide your fitness pattern. It is the key to keeping the weight off and more importantly keeping you agile,youthful and healthy. START slowly or at your own pace and it will naturally become easy and fun..

I'm down 2 dress sizes guys and yep I feel as fit as a fiddle. Just tried on the gorgeous Lola Lace dress and which I could not fit into it in March. ...baby steps.

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