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Tip 4.Still on exercise. The first time I joined a HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) group session I literally thought I was going to die! I was panting like a dog, drenched in sweat and I was sure my heart was going to beat out of my chest! I called Mr.B panting "baby please come and pick me up" the venue was a mere 10 mins walk from my house but I was too drained to walk home. This was about 7 months ago. The day after that episode I ached all over!!!! I couldn't even sit without support but I went right back 2 days later for another dose ( this time I drove to the venue o). That session was a mind changer for me. Not only did I prove to myself I could do it but I also did a mental math equation of what that session represented on my plate and if that plate of small chops,fried plantain,white rice (insert your guilty pleasure here lol) was worth it.Food has taken a different meaning for me.I treat her like fuel. I have just the quantity I need and as far as I can help it...and no more. YOU CANNOT exercise away a BAD DIET!!!!! Except you are Michele Phelps or Usain Bolt. You must eat in relation to your activity level. This is a tough one but if you are ready to change the way you live you will start slowly by making subtle diet and lifestyle changes that are sustainable. This right here is a Marathon....baby steps.

Tip 5 personal trick. 
Someone once said "Abs are built in the kitchen" I want to add that weight loss begins at the grocery store. I personally have a weakness for chocolate; so guess what? I simply don't stock chocolate in my house. I looooooooove ice-cream, so no more ice-cream in my freezer! My cravings won't get me driving to Ebeano at 9pm to get a fix so when I reach for a late night snack the only options available are fruits so that's what I have. I am not strong enough to resist these treats if they are well within reach so I keep them out of sight. My kids have also benefited from this principle. You want a snack? Knock yourself out with an apple or some grapes. So next time you find yourself walking down the supermarket aisle remember "Abs are built in Ebeano"😂.

'Tomi Rotimi

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