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Tip 9- Personal Trick/Fun fact 

The saying goes "it takes a village to raise a child" well the same applies to weight loss in my case lol. This is one for my fitfam crew. It's made up of teenagers, young professionals, stay at home mums and even some "bad ass" grandmas!!!!! The captain of this team is our MAD HIIT coach Segun... and I mean mad in the most endearing way ever. He pushes us beyond our limits and motivates us daily with encouraging text which he personalises for each member of the team after each work out. 
All these women have very busy lives but they come out everyday to work out. I need to give a shout out to my other 3 coaches ( it really takes a village). SANDRA- my Zumba instructor..... I love Zumba and honestly, I will pay hard currency just to watch Sandra groove, Peter and Patrick take my aerobics group and those are great guys with a huge passion for fitness. I could never have achieved this new lifestyle without every single one of these guys. Tip for today? Find your village!!!

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