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Tip 10: 
The last tip on the topic. I know we have touched on food and how abs are built in the grocery store. Because I don't think this can ever be overemphasised, i am making it my last tip. I have become somewhat of a stalker recently; observing people's grocery choices at the supermarket and I must say that we are mostly sugar junkies, high on saturated fats and processed crap. No wonder we feel unmotivated and lethargic. Observe the two shopping carts above- which of these 2 do you think is atleast attempting a healthy lifestyle.Now these are not bad choices necessarily but how deliberate are the shoppers at eating right? 

Yesterday the lady behind me had 5 packets of frankfurters,a Carton of indomie,a Carton of juice, 3 jumbo sized chocolate bars, a tub of ice cream, a small bag of white rice and pastry from the snack bar. She must have seen the horrified look on my face when she proceeded to add an Avocado to the pile. Our bad eating choices affect everything. 

So my final word, my final tip do yourself a favor and make better choices at the grocery store because the myth is true you are what you eat!!!!!

'Tomi Rotimi

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