It took me two years to perfect these! Y’all know I love pants. I can pay top dollar for the right pair. Oh! I like a good shift dress but I’m all about pants. Skinny leg, wide leg, boot cut, cropped, Cullotes, jumpsuits… you name it, I’ll wear it (I draw the line at bum shorts. You know I am S.U).

When I felt “led” to design the perfect pair of work pants I knew I would be my toughest critic. These pants had to do everything! These babies had to Cinch my waist, lift my butt, skim my hips, elongate me (like I’m not long enough ) and somehow take me from blazer to tees all in a Lagos minute. Most importantly my go-to pants have to be easy to wear and must be ready to be rocked hard.

I know I was asking a lot from the entire team.the fabric suppliers almost gave up on me and my pattern maker had to relearn patience after I rejected the 5th draft. Guess it it took time because good things are worth the wait right?

I wish I remember the day it happened; the day we finally created what I consider the “best pair of pants you will ever wear” because that day is noteworthy. We created something special and after selling well over xxx pairs they are still bestsellers in every color we bring them in. I love my ‘Go-to’ pants ?


get your self a pair.

‘Tomi Rotimi

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