My journey to where I am with my brand started humbly. It started with Linen….a fabric I am now convinced chose me. I didn’t fall in love with linen I chose her because I found her readily available but through the years she became more than just a convenience but a friend that helped me express a creative side I didn’t even know existed. Linen has been good to me. She put me in the closets of Queens,on the pages of magazines and in the hearts of many. She opened doors for me that made me prosper….then I left her.

In my pursuit of self discovery I explored new textures, new versions of me. I got excited as I embraced more people and varying points of view. Some of my queens left me; not understanding this new way. So many more were even more endeared to me as I pushed them to new levels of expression. Truth is, I never really left my linen I just didn’t celebrate her as much as she deserved.

With the SUMMER SIGNATURES I’m celebrating an old friend. LINEN put us on the map……quite frankly I think she has kept us there.

Good things are worth the wait.

‘Tomi Rotimi

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